Had A/C go out and called them around 10:00 in the morning.  They scheduled someone to come out from 2:00 to 4:00 same day.  Gentleman called a little after 1:00 and was able to come sooner.  Of course, it started raining buckets and lightning a few minutes before he got here.  He walked through our swampy yard to get to our A/C unit, found the issue, came back and told me the price, $135, for parts and service call and went to work fixing the problem.  I had a cool house within the hour.

I’ve actually used Eco Air before and had great results with them so they were the first one’s I called.  My brother is a HVAC guy in another state and I check with him before doing anything, he said that they always come in at the right price and the fact that they are so timely shows they are on top of the job.

Just as an aside, I’ve not had anyone younger than 30 out here to do any of the jobs I needed done but my brother started doing his HVAC apprenticeship right out of high school.  I’m thinking that’s about the age someone studying to be any other field would start, say, if they were in college studying to be a doctor or computer programmer.  Gotta start somewhere and learning a profession where you actually are earning an income at the same time seems pretty smart to me.  Worked out for my brother anyway and no college loans to pay back